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  • TTTC Weekly Blog: Most Unusual Wedding Cakes!

    Hello, Cupcake Nation!

    Ready for another mind-blowing blog?? Well you’ve come to the right webpage…

    Let’s be honest. There are a lot of different wedding themes out there. From Steampunk to Woodland, Art Deco to Ultra-Modern, there are a million different directions a bride can take the theme of her special day. Gone are the days of strict, set-in-stone traditions. Nowadays, brides have a wealth of options and people are generally more open-minded when it comes to throwing traditions out the window in favor of keeping it true to who the bride and groom are.

    The wedding cake is no different. Nowadays, anything goes in terms of wedding cake requests. The cakes below prove this!

    We here at the bakery have yet to receive any requests for cakes quite as extreme as some of these, but we don’t judge! We love to take on a challenge!


    Following in the Halloween-theme of last week, here is the most wacky, creepy wedding cake I’ve ever seen! The detailing is so perfect, however, that it’s hard not to be amazed at the work that went in to making this “cake!”

    football helmet wedding cake

    Football Helmet with Opposing Schools:

    He went to Texas A&M, she went to the University of Texas… both have immense school pride! Question is, how do you cut this cake?? Either way, it’s pretty unique!

    boggle wedding cake

    Boggle Wedding Cake:

     Attention Boggle-lovers!! This is the ultimate cake for you! We would have absolutely no trouble concocting this cake for you, as it’s pretty straightforward. Do you catch the words that are in there??

    eggs wedding cake

    Egg Wedding Cake:

     As I live up in Petaluma, I can’t help but think that this one would have been perfect for a wedding held during Petaluma’s Butter and Eggs Days! Or for a rustic, “farm-themed” wedding in the countryside. Just as long as those aren’t real eggs…. Again, how do you cut this??

    steampunk wedding cake


     Steampunk is actually a huge trend right now. As strange as this cake may look, it is, in fact, very on-trend! Most brides tend to only want to add accents of the steampunk trend into their cakes and decorations, however. This one hits it head-on!

    simpsons wedding cake

    The Simpsons:

    This cake is for those die-hard Simpsons fans that live on out there! The show might have ended a few years back, but its fans are still everywhere. I wonder what the rest of the wedding looked like… centerpieces, decorations, favors?!

    I hope your mind is spinning right now with the possibilities! Remember, it’s your day to do what you want with it. We’re here to help, as best we can!

    I leave you with one cake that we’ve done that has been somewhat unusual, not on the levels these cakes are on, but still interesting nonetheless:

    sushi cake

    Now this is a cake for a true sushi-lover! Is anyone else with me in the hopes that it doesn’t actually TASTE like sushi, wasabi, and soy sauce?! 🙂

    See ya next week…