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  • TTTC Weekly Blog: Halloween Cake and Cupcake Creations!

    Hi there!

    Well, Halloween is only a few days away, and with that in mind, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Halloween-themed cake and cupcake ideas that I’ve found online. Fall happens to be my favorite time of the year, and I love making the most of the season. There is something about the feeling of change in the air that re-energizes me and gears me up for the holidays that lie ahead. Of course, baking goes hand-in-hand with this time of year, but Halloween is one of those holidays that doesn’t typically conjure up thoughts of spending hours baking away in the kitchen… well, it should! You can have so much fun with cakes and cupcakes when it comes to Halloween. There are so many different ways you can take the ideas, from ultra-gory and downright disturbing to cute little ghosts and pumpkin faced-cupcakes.

    As I’ve probably mentioned before, Pinterest is one of my favorite places to find new and unique ideas for just about everything, and cakes/cupcakes are no exception! So it will come as no surprise that the majority of my favorite finds are from Pinterest.

    Keep in mind that we can recreate just about any of these ideas and customize them to your liking.


    1. Halloween-Themed Cupcakes with Homemade Fondant Halloween Faces:

    These cupcakes are super adorable, and totally easy for us to recreate for all your Halloween parties. I would suggest adding a spooky ghost or a skull face to complete the collection! Stick two sparkler candles in each eye of Frankenstein, and you truly have a spooky creation!


    2. Gory Halloween Cakes That Are Works of Art!

     These cakes sure are creepy, but they are absolutely incredible!! The detailing on the pumpkin head and the bloody skull is unbelievable.  I tend to prefer the more subdued, less gory pumpkin and hay bales cake down at the bottom of the page, but I have to admit, the stitched-up skin cake and the bloody skull cake are absolute works of art.


     3. Halloween-Themed Wedding Cupcakes/Cutting Cake Combination

    Attention, all October or Halloween-themed brides-to-be! This is a wonderful illustration of a simple cutting cake-cupcake combination. Many brides wish to have cupcakes at their wedding, but still long for a traditional cake to cut into. That’s where the cutting cake comes into the mix! In this particular instance, the cutting cake is dripping “blood” on top, leading down to some super-cute Halloween-themed cupcakes in alternating fall colors. There are a million ways you could customize this combination! We would love to work with you on creating your own version of spooky little cupcakes with a customized cutting cake topper to go along with them.


     4. Witch Cupcakes With Sugar Cones as Hats

    This is such a great idea!! I love the use of sugar cones as the witches’ hats. So fun!  We could utilize virtually any color combination so that the belt matches the cupcake cups, or the “hair” matches the buckle. I’d suggest changing the tip used to frost the hair to the one that actually looks like individual pieces of hair when it comes out of the tip!


     5. Walking Dead-Themed Cake!

    And finally, for those of you who are big fans of The Walking Dead (and I know there are many!), I have just the cake for you! There are many variations of these cakes out there, and we can customize a cake just for you (whether you prefer more of a zombie-slant to the cake, or more of a Rick Grimes/Merle Dixon angle…haha). Either way, these cakes are really cool, and would be great either at a Halloween party or a Walking Dead Season Finale viewing party.

    So I hope these ideas have got your mind going on how to spice up your upcoming Halloween festivities! Remember, candy runs a-plenty at this time of year, so folks will really appreciate a yummy cake or cupcake thrown in the mix. Have fun with it, and let us know if we can create you your own set of spooky cupcakes this week!

    ‘Till next time,