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  • TTTC Weekly Blog: Giants-Themed Cake and Cupcakes!

    Let’s goooo Giants!!  #orangeoctober

    Since the Giants have once again made it to the playoffs (yay!), I thought it would be fun to talk about some Giants-themed cake and cupcake ideas! We’ve had a few requests in the past for Giants cakes/cupcakes here at the bakery; in fact we offer a simple Giants cupcake (vanilla cake with bright orange frosting and a Giants logo on top) as a regular feature on our menu. But we’re always up for a challenge, and these cakes would be a blast for our decorators, Dawn and Seretha, to take on!


    Check these out, and let us know if you’re interested in having us recreate any of these for upcoming NLCS viewing parties!

     Giants Jersey Cake

    1. Giants Jersey Cake (

    This is a great cake for kids and adults alike; perfect for any die-hard fan, and completely customizable. We could put the name of a favorite player, current or former, or your own name, on the back of the jersey.

    Giants Fun Three Tier Cake

           2. Giants 3-Tier Fun Cake (

    This is an incredible cake that our decorator, Dawn, did a variation of a few months back. It is a super fun cake with LOTS going on. Kids would totally love this for a Giants-themed birthday party; but it would also be a great talking point at an upcoming NLCS party!!

    Single Tier Giants Cake Orange with Flags

          3. Giants Single Tier Cake with Cap and Flags (

    This is a simple, yet super impactful cake. I love the simplicity of the black logo against the bright orange background, and the cap on top is really cute. The flags are great too!

    Giants Two Tier Cake

         4. Giants Two Tier Cake with Baseball Top (

     The top on this cake is great! Love the baseball top! And, like with all of these cakes, there are any number of variations that can be added or subtracted to customize it however you like!


    Giants Multi Logo Cupcakes

        5. Giants Multi Logo Cupcakes (

     Love the super-cute mitts on the cupcakes. We could do any combination of mitts, baseballs, logos, and bats, to name a few items we could add to the tops of cupcakes.

    Giants Cupcakes Multi Types Varieties

        6. Giants Cupcakes Multi Types (

    These cupcakes are great because there are any number of designs we can do to the non-Giants logo cupcakes. I love the little brown and orange baseballs!! The coconut-topped cupcakes look like our Snowball cupcakes here at That Takes the Cake.

    Those are just a few ideas that are out there. We can customize any of these to fit your party needs! Feel free to email us or give us a call at the bakery and we can discuss your cake needs. In the meantime, you can find me parked in front of the TV on Tuesday!! 🙂

    ‘Till next time,